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High quality and comprehensive operation are our motto.

Broster construction services

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Reinforced concrete structures

This is what we like the most. The more complicated and demanding – the better!

Reinforced concrete structures are our specialty.

Since the establishment of our company, we have specialized in constructing reinforced concrete structures with the use of system boardings.

We construct both underground structures – such as technological structures, tanks, deep foundations – and ground-based structures, particularly elements of buildings made from reinforced concrete. Indirect foundation arrangement and engineering construction

We cooperate with companies specializing in indirect foundation arrangement and engineering construction. We are not afraid of groundwater and deep foundation.

Industrial installations

We render services within comprehensive implementation of investment tasks and retrofitting of industrial installations.

From the concept, through the project, to the final product.

    The scope of our services includes:
  • Installation and retrofitting of technical pipelines
  • Installation and retrofitting of sanitary installations
  • Retrofitting of steel tanks
  • Installation of technological devices
    We address our services to:
  • The chemical industry
  • The cement industry
  • The extraction industry
  • The food industry

General construction

We take care of the implementation of the investment project since the construction permit, through the implementation of the project up to receiving the certificate of occupancy.

  • Comprehensive implementation of the investment according to our customers’ expectations
  • Analysis of the technical documentation in terms of finding optimal alternative solutions while maintaining the highest quality
  • Management and coordination of the construction process by an experienced team of supervisors
  • Efficient team of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Monitoring and reporting of the progress and quality of works, schedule updates
  • Constant control over safety of work
  • A flexible way of investment implementation, allowing the Investor to introduce changes
  • Obtaining the required permits and settlements
  • Our experience in this area includes the construction of production, industrial and special-purpose inventory structures.

Our projects

A cold store in Polo Market in Giebnia
A cold store in Polo Market in Giebnia
Polski Cukier – Nakło
Polski Cukier – Nakło
A small catering building – Janikowo commune
A small catering building – Janikowo commune
Janipol-Meble Sp. Z o. o.
Janipol-Meble Sp. Z o. o.
Department of Animal Technology – Dworek in Kołuda Wielka
Department of Animal Technology – Dworek in Kołuda Wielka
Schumacher Packaging Zakład Bydgoszcz Sp. z o.o.
Schumacher Packaging Zakład Bydgoszcz Sp. z o.o.
ZPW Trzuskawica S. A.
ZPW Trzuskawica S. A.
Poultry Farms Woźniak Sp. z o. o.
Poultry Farms Woźniak Sp. z o. o.

About us

High quality and comprehensive operation are our motto.

More than two decades of our company’s presence on the Polish market have resulted in the implementation of multiple structures within the field of industrial, inventory and general construction. In order to meet the needs of the industrial sector, for several years we have specialized also in retrofitting and construction of industrial structures

    We offer professional services within:
  • Design
  • Optimization of technological and material solutions with regard to cost aspects
  • General construction

We are your professional partner at every stage in the investment process. Through many years of experience have gathered a team of experienced specialists within many areas. This is accompanied by our own technical facilities tooled up with modern machinery and equipment. Our Investors, who have appreciated the quality, timeliness and safe and secure cooperation with a credible partner, include representatives of the chemical, food and extraction industries – both local and foreign.