We prioritize safety

We take all necessary actions to prevent workplace accidents and reduce risks to the health and lives of our employees working on our construction sites.
The cornerstone of our company is a safety policy, which we implement by focusing on:

  • Supervision – Work is conducted under the supervision of authorized and qualified individuals.
  • Promoting safety – We emphasize education, skill enhancement, increasing awareness, and knowledge of our workforce.
  • Proper workplace equipment – We provide workplace equipment and security in accordance with regulations and standards for devices, tools, and safeguards.
  • Uniform safety standards – The same norms and rules apply to our employees and subcontractors.
  • Safety planning – We assess risks and anticipate threats individually for each location and construction site conditions.
 We prioritize safety


Since 2021, we have been active in the ‘small’ Agreement for Safety in Construction, operating under the District Labor Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz.

Within the Agreement, we develop occupational health and safety solutions and standards. These apply to both our employees and subcontractors. The Agreement allows us to exchange safety-related experiences.

The standards and rules of the Agreement that apply to us are available on the website.